Beautiful Butterfly Garden Flowers

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Butterfly garden flowers – Shaded garden plants and flowers are not as hard to find as gardeners might think. There are many annuals, perennials and ground cover plants that prefer shady areas. These plants produce colorful flowers to give your shady garden eye-appeal, instead of dull green. Plan your garden by selecting plants with a variety of flowering times. This will produce color in the garden throughout the summer growing season.

Many annual plants require full sun to produce colorful butterfly garden flowers. Annual plants and flowers that grow well in the shade include impatiens, coleus, and wax begonias. Impatiens is a widely cultivated annual available in several varieties height and bloom colors from white to red. Coleus plant is an annual that produces eye-pleasing colored leaves in the combination of green, red, pink, yellow and white. The wax begonia is a tender perennial that grows best when treated as an annual. Wax begonia plants are available in a variety of flower colors and shapes, which adds elegance to the shaded areas.

Shaded gardens with paths and flower garden borders may require ground-cover plants for the transition from high plants to level areas. Mostly plants and flowers that grow well in shady gardens include lily of the valley, periwinkle and some varieties of host. Mostly plants can become invasive if you let them grow without pruning maintenance. Lily of the Valley plant has large leaves that grow to a height of 6 inches and produce delicate bell-shaped and fragrant butterfly garden flowers early in the growing season.

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