Building Inexpensive Raised Garden Beds

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Building Inexpensive Raised Garden Beds – Growing fruit, vegetables or flowers always starts with choosing the right site and the preparation of the soil. Most plants do best with nutritious, rich soil and bright sun, and many also need good drainage. In areas that do not soil or drainage do offers, growers often build raised beds raised planters who are above the surface of their yard and garden. If you do not want to commit to the time, cost and material of construction of a big box garden but have a raised garden bed, which is easier to build cheaper and less permanent.

Choose a location for your inexpensive raised garden beds where the plants will get full sun all day, when planting shade plants, choose a site that gets the right amount of sunlight. The site should be completely drained within three to five hours after the rain; if it does not build a raised garden bed. Measure your raised bed to prepare the borders. Build a small, easy-care bed if you are just starting, measuring a site that is 8 to 10 feet long on both sides 4-5 feet tall at the ends. Count on a half-inch-deep trench along the perimeter of your bed, then set the wooden boards into the slot. Put the pieces of wood of packing soil around them. These are your walls, and they should be long and 9 to 10 inches. Use pressed oak, poplar or pine wood as inexpensive choices. Although resists treated wood rot, the chemical substances may leak into the soil, damage to plants and useful insects. Use untreated wood as a shorter term, but healthier option.

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Fill the inexpensive raised garden beds with a suitable soil mixture for your chosen plants. Use half quick-draining soil and half organic compost mixed with manure if it is suitable for the plants. Building the bed to a height of 8 inches for many plants and drainage space, the soil can also with the edges of the bed, or slightly mounded, corresponding with plants needs.

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