Ceramic And Concrete Modern Outdoor Planters

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Modern outdoor planters – Planters of ceramic or concrete are generally durable choice for an outdoor patio or flower garden. Pottery, glazed or unglazed, has a warmth and color that improve plants and suits mixed herb gardens and vibrant annuals. Concrete can be tasked with harder job as containing trees and aggressive plants running bamboos. Concrete is also very suitable for modern architecture and Asian style home where neutral color and extra simplicity mirror materials and lines of the building.

Terra cotta is the modern outdoor planters go to the container, baked clay, unglazed pottery. It is everywhere, goes with almost everything being beautifully mossy or faded. And bleached lime and shows off colorful or plain green foliage. Plant is relatively cheap and blends into the natural environment of the garden. Terra cotta plant comes in all shapes, sizes and decors from basic flowerpot to ornate Florentine railing box. A disadvantage of terra cotta is how quickly it dries. Plants need more frequent watering in this style container.

Glazed ceramic holding up better than terra cotta and it holds water better, too. These plants cost more than terra cotta, but they come in all living and muted colors so the pool itself can be an attribute of the device. Some gardeners find this a disadvantage because they fear pots compete with the beauty of plants in them.  Make sure the modern outdoor planters are sufficient to keep the water from collecting on the bottom and rot the roots of your favorite blooms drain hole.

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