How to Identify Vegetable Garden Plants from Foliage

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Vegetable garden plants – Perhaps you have inherited a vegetable garden or have forgotten what you planted and where. To identify the plants that are popping up in your garden, look for the identifying features, such as size, shape and color of the leaves. When planting vegetables Group similar types and uses labeled sticks until you become familiar with each plant. To identify weeds versus vegetables, remember that weeds tend to grow haphazardly throughout the garden, while the vegetables show up in a more orderly style. When in doubt, leave the facility until it matures to an identifiable point.

How to identify vegetable garden plants from foliage, Determine if the plant in question is a leafy green vegetable, a root vegetable, or a fruiting vegetable. Look at the color and texture of the green leafy vegetables. Spinach has crinkled, dark green leaves, while lettuce is thinner, smooth sheets in a variety of colors. Kale also has thick, wrinkled leaves and stems that can be white, red or orange.

Identify vegetable garden plants from foliage, Examine the leaf shapes of fruiting vegetables. Tomatoes have deeply cut little furry leaves and a characteristic tomato smell. Examine the size of the leaves, as well as plants. Identify root vegetables. Carrots are fine, lacy foliage that emerges vertically a small area. Onions and fennel produce straight, spear-like leaves that grow vertically also. Onion plants have an onion scent. Potatoes have an open, spreading shape reminiscent of small tomato plants.

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