How To Make Garden Border Fencing

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How To Make Garden Border Fencing – Your garden has become a wonderful place. You have been working weekends and nights to perfect the color of flower bouquets, textures of plants, and the location of the trees. But now needed something more to keep the children’s balls roll into your plants and to keep the dog from digging up your precious top soil a border fence would be the perfect solution. But what kind and how hard is it to do?

Select the type of material you want to use to make garden border fencing. This can be straight branches from a nearby tree or pickets from the hardware store. In both cases they should be at least 4 meters long. You can always cut them short, if you want, but remember that they will need to be partially buried in the ground. Place branches or piles side by side on the ground, with a space between what you want. There may be 2 inches to 5 inches, even more. It depends on how you want it to feel. Align the sharpest ends down, because these will be the ends you will run or bury in the ground.

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Attach a cross piece, with another branch or rod, near the top of sticks to make garden border fencing, but down from the top about 6 inches. Do the same at the bottom, but up about 12 inches. You can either link them all together, or use small screws to the cross piece in place. Pick up your small part of the fence that you have completed, and place it where you want it in the garden. Using a hoe or shovel, dig a small trench about 6 to 8 inches deep where you want the fence to be. Place the fence in the ditch and pack the dirt in place around the base. To attach each section to each other by small hook and eye links the ends of the upper and lower cross pieces.

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