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Deck and patio designs – To make a design in your deck with patio plates is a simple but time-consuming project. If you are new to cut and shape patio slabs, selected design your deck space with straight lines measurement equal to the size of the terrace boards you.  Designate the area in your deck where you plan to make a patio slab design. Create a simple square or rectangle or make an L design in one corner of your yard. Measuring the length and width of the room. Patio tiles come in many different sizes, including 24 x 30, 20 x 20 and 16 x 16.

Lay out the deck and patio designs with stakes and string. Take your measurements to the supplier landscape and they will tell you how many panels you will need the design you choose. Excavate the top layer of grass where your plates placed. Edge perimeter with the tip of your shovel, then scoop out to pasture. Level ground in your design about a quarter inch deeper than the depth you prefer for your plates to remove any roots, rocks or other debris.

Make a 50/50 mixture of concrete and course sand and layer it into the leveled area as you excavated. Add one-fourth inch of this mixture to aid patio slabs. Run the jagged edge of the trowel along the leveled sand before loading plates.   Lay plates along the edge of deck and patio designs. Keeping the level plates as you go, removes some of the sand mixture if necessary. Closed off from the outside, one row at a time. Put plates close together but not touching.

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