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Memorial garden ideas – usually planted to commemorate life of a loved one or a group of people or a historical or tragic event. Sometimes a garden serves to respect and stimulate mind of someone who is losing his memory to a disease such as Alzheimer’s disease. If your garden memory space is understood as a community or a small, private to a loved one, choosing plants and ornaments inviting color and life in garden monument.

Plant a large tree or a grove of trees as centerpiece of memorial garden ideas. Trees provide shade, habitat for birds and a sense of timelessness, as many species of trees are able to live for hundreds of years, symbolizing strength of memory. An article Extension of University of Illinois on memorial trees appointment horticulture educator Jeff Rugg as saying, “Plant a tree in honor of someone can make a gift very long-term memory.” Select a tree that has special meaning to loved one being honored. For example, taking a cut of weeping willow in your garden that loved to sit under.

Watering garden with carved with phrases that person being memorialized estimated stones. Such a feature to help visitors remember spirit of person’s life.  a memorial garden ideas for local veterans of foreign war might contain quotations on peace, freedom and glory. If after recording custom stones is out of budget, put metal plates or wooden recorded instead.

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