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Garden path ideas – A garden needs a way. No matter if it is a garden or a flower garden or not. Most gardens need access for maintenance needs. A dirt road is compacted and muddy during rain. Beads standing create a hazard, as the stones provide unstable equilibrium. The gravel can work, but tends to migrate out of the way and in the planting area.

For a formal way, use bricks. Remove grass or any other obstacles in the garden path ideas of the planned route with a shovel. Use a level to see what level building is the road bed and make adjustments. Place an even layer of sand from 1 to 2 inches thick. smooth rake. Place the brick in the road bed. Push firmly together. Once the bricks are arranged, sprinkle sand on top of the road and sweep into the cracks between the bricks. Be sure to walk on the bricks to get you on the sand.

Bark beauty can give your garden a more natural look. Bark beauty is a good way loose material. It is compo stable, and helps improve the soil if accidentally scattered in the planting area. Remove grass and weeds in the area of ​​road. Stones of similar size, the size of your fist and the garden path ideas to the edge. Place the stones on both sides of the road. Pala a 6-inch layer of bark beauty in the road bed preparation. Raking bark beauty to the edges of the road. Have on hand a bag of bark beauty for quick repair to the track.

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