Outdoor Recliner Chair Organizer

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Outdoor recliner chair organizer prevents you from searching aimlessly for the remote control when you sit down to relax after a long day at work. It can be as big or small as you wish.  Coordinating organizer fabric with the color of the outdoor recliner chair makes it seem to disappear into the background.


Measure a rectangle of fleece or felt fabric with a ruler. It can be any size you want, but one that is about 40-by-14 inches means you get three or four pockets in different sizes. Select the rectangle shape on the fabric with a piece of chalk. Cut out the rectangle. About half or more of this rectangle hangs on the outside of your arm outdoor recliner chair.

Measure the width of the remote control, your favorite magazine or book sizes and all the other accouterments to create a pocket for your organizer. Add 2 inches to each measurement. This allows you to easily slide the object in his pocket.  Draw each measurement on the fabric. Cut out each shape with scissors to form your lounger organizer pockets.

Apply a stream of glue to a pocket near the sides and bottom. If the fabric has a dull side, place glue on this page, the more vivid color is turning out. Add rectangle down on a flat surface with the lively side up. Attach pockets start at one end of the fabric. It is a wise idea to place larger pockets towards the bottom of the fabric. Press the Velcro strips together to add organizer to your armchair. Now you are ready to fill with your supplies.

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