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Patio furniture made out of pallets – Seats; how to make a seat of patio furniture made out of pallets? Here, too, a lot depends on the imagination (and available materials). You can build furniture from the smallest palette, reminiscent of the shape of stools, chairs with backs (then as the base of support should use OSB boards and screwed onto them palette), or benches.

Patio furniture from pallets can decorate pillows, and then they look better and are more comfortable. Deckchair – a simple chaise created by joining 2 – 3 pallets. Deckchair patio furniture made out of pallets can be equipped with soft pillows or pouch used the old sun loungers. Terrace – combining multiple pallets (preferably new about the same size), you can create a makeshift terrace. It is worth remembering to protect against rotting wood in contact with the ground.

The area, which will be located a wooden terrace with a pallet should be as balanced. In addition, it is worth to put Agrowłoknina or other material limiting weed growth at patio furniture made out of pallets, which will be sprouted through cracks between the boards. Also, do not economize on wood connectors – to be used after a few, to the terrace was stable.

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Patio furniture made out of pallets,

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