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Vegetable Garden Fence Ideas – The most effective fencing method for a specific garden depends directly on what types of garden pests, you need to discourage. If you need to deter two very different types of garden pests, you may need to combine two fencing methods to create the best protection for your garden.

Vegetable garden fence obstacles of chicken wire provide the best protection against small animals such as rabbits and ground squirrels. To prevent animals from digging under the fence, you may also need to install some of the wires underground by digging a trench, installation of wire and backfilling around the cable. The depth that you install the cable should vary depending on your main pests digging abilities.

Deter larger animals like raccoons and deer often require the use of electric vegetable garden fence, which provides highly effective pest control. Electric fences give unwanted visitors a painful but harmless shock to warn them from the garden. Height and number of wires in the fence can be manipulated to deter one or more pests. Although they are very effective, creating electric fence sometimes an ugly garden. To have your fence and a beautiful garden barrier, also recommends “Mother Earth News” to add a fence a few inches in front of the electric fence to hide the unsightly barrier.

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